Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nibble?

Nibble – is a financial platform that is a point of contact between the Investor and the Recipient providing alternative loans.

However, Nibble, as opposed to other platforms, has a high-level guarantee of investment security since loans are made by IT Smart finance affiliated companies.

An average income on Nibble is up to 12%, higher than an average income at the alternative investment market.

Nibble is a subsidiary company of IT Smart Finance holding with over five years of FinTech product development experience. One of the focus areas is Big Data analysis. With the use of IT Smart Finance best practices and up-to-date technologies, Nibble was created as a simple and secure investment platform.

How to start investing on Nibble?

You need to register to start investing and earning income on Nibble. After the registration, you can deposit money to your account start to 10 euros. Then, you can create an investment portfolio by choosing the necessary options and become an Investor!

Where my money will be transferred?

Your money will be invested in loans of companies within IT Smart Finance holding. You can choose a company for investment in your personal account.

Brand Joymoney has been working in the field of alternative types of loans since 2014. The company is represented in Spain and Russia. Launch in Mexico is scheduled for 2020. Joymoney's mission is to provide our customers with the opportunity to solve their financial difficulties quickly and safely. We use our own innovative developments, including patented software solutions, developments in the field of big data analysis, and developments in the field of scoring and risk management systems. The company guarantees reliability for customers and investors.

Who can be an Investor on Nibble?

If you reached the age of majority and have a bank account in any country in Europe you can be an Investor on Nibble, you just need to register and verify your identity. Nibble works in most European countries, such as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

How safe are investments?

Investing is not a risk-free solution but most of the risks are associated with financial losses. We lend according to strict rules with checking paying capacity and overdue payment risk.

More than it, all loans on Nibble are protected by buyback guarantee.

How to create a Nibble account?

To create an account on Nibble you just need to fill the registration form.

I forgot the password. How to reset my account?

Click on the «Reset Password» link and follow the instructions on how to reset your password. Then, you need to set up a new one and keep using your account.

What if my personal information has changed?

Contact Nibble customer support service and they`ll be happy to help you with information updates. Please note that the customer support service will ask you several questions about your personal information for security purposes.

How much time should I spend managing my investment?

Nibble does not require much of your time and attention. Currently, we only have an automatic investment type so you just need to set the necessary options at the portfolio settings.

What income tax liabilities are set up on Nibble?

Income made on Nibble is taxed according to the Tax law of Investor country residence.

Why investments may be blocked?

Investment may be blocked in case of:
1. Buyback Expiration;
2. Loan Expiration;

If the reinvestment mode is enabled, investments will be automatically invested in available loans.

What is the minimum deposit limit?

The minimum limit of the deposit is 10€

What is the maximum deposit limit?

Currently, the maximum deposit limit on Nibble is 10,000 € per month. If you would like to invest more money, we will ask you for additional information.

Can I start to invest if I have not reached the age of majority?

Only a person of majority age can be an Investor on Nibble.

Can I create multiple Nibble accounts?

No. A private person can create only one investor account.

Does Nibble have a referral program?

Nibble has a program called “Bring a friend”. In this program, you will be given a unique referral link or a promotional code to your personal account for sharing with your contact. After you receive it, recommend our platform to your friends or relatives and share with them the link. As part of the program, you will receive an allocation of 2 percent from every investment of up to 1000 euros, made by your friend. You can find more detailed information about the program in the corresponding section of your personal account.

What loans can be invested on Nibble?

Loans of companies included in the ITSMAFTFINANCE holding are available for investment on Nibble. Fast loan payback is one of the prime interest for the Lender as the primary holder of debt claims. Each loan on Nibble consists of data as the amount and duration time so you can choose what to invest.

How can I deposit the account on Nibble?

Nibble accepts payments from bank accounts through the Paysera system. Payments usually take about 3 business days.

How long does my deposit take to reach Nibble?

Deposit your Nibble account will take about 1-3 business days for any transfer. The client will receive a notification at the service after the money reaches the account.

What is Paysera?

Paysera is an online payment service for fast, easy and secure money transfers through Europe. Paysera is currently working with more than 3,300 banks in 29 European countries. You do not need to register to use Paysera.

More than it, the service does not store any data of bank accounts access. Paysera uses the greatest standards of data encryption to complete the bank's security system. The service has been licensed by a European payment service provider (PSD) in accordance with the Payment Services Directive (PSD; 2007/64 / CE), introduced into Swedish law through a Payment Services law under the supervision of the country's financial authorities.

Is there any protection of my money on Nibble?

We use the Paysera system as an addition to the banking security system. Paysera uses the highest available standard for data encryption, combined with a bank security system it gives the best way to protect personal data

Can I transfer funds for investment from a bank account located outside of the EU?

Nibble accepts payments made from the European Economic Area bank accounts only.

What happens if I make a transfer, not in my bank account currency?

The amount of the transfer will be automatically converted at the exchange rate of your bank account (which changes daily) or sent back. There may be applied bank fees for refunding of incorrect payment and the difference in the exchange rate.

Can I make a deposit from another person’s account?

No. For maximum safety of Investors and according to the Law, deposits can be accepted from accounts registered to Nibble investors only.

How can I start investing on Nibble?

To start investing you must make a deposit on Nibble account. In order to learn more about how to invest take a look at the FAQ choosing Getting started topic.

Nibble uses an automatic investment system so you can just choose the amount and the project type, then as an Investor, you will be able to receive your first income as soon as possible.

An automated system will start to buy shares in different credit organizations located around the world. If Reinvestment mode is turned on, Nibble will be engaged in reinvesting received income so your income amount increases even more.

Can I cancel my investment?

It is impossible to cancel the investment after choosing the loan and confirmation of the amount of the investment.

What are the risks for Investors on Nibble?

Any investment, on Nibble or at any other platform carries some risk. An Investor is responsible for risk assessment and should know that the risk takes place in any investment.

- Cash flow sync risk

An important part of Investments in loans is the time period of payments. In some cases, a Recipient can make the payment after the duration time only. An Investor will receive an Income but a little bit later than planned. This extra case is noted at the bank's loan agreement. If it is specified at the agreement, an Investor may receive compensation for late payments.

- Pre-payment risk

A Recipient always has an opportunity to close a loan earlier than specified in the terms of the agreement. In such case, loan interest will be lower and the investor’s income too. To minimize each of those risks, Investors can take advantage of dividing their Investment portfolio by various organizations, regions, and products.

More than it, Nibble has a “Buyback Guarantee” feature, which is why credit risks are taken mostly by Lenders, not Investors.

How is interest accrued on investments?

Interest is accrued after closing loans in which your money was invested. If the loan has not been closed by the client, Nibble agrees to buyback it together with your interest from the lender on the 61st day of delay. So you will not lose money if the client default on a payment.

What is a Buyback Guarantee? How does it work?

A Buyback Guarantee is a guarantee issued by the Lender to its investor. It confirms that the Lender will buyback this loan from the Investor if there will be delays for more than 60 days. If the loan is overdue for two months, it will automatically go to the Lender, who will buyback it from the Investor for the initial cost. The Lender will provide the interest with the initial cost of the loan.

Is there a way for the Investor to found out who is the Recipient?

Investors may only see some specific information about the Recipient, like country and the amount of the loan. Any additional information for the Investor is closed.

How the Recipient checklist generates before a loan is issued? How is the risk assessment process going?

Risk assessment process based on several aspects. For example, we analyze data at social media, information about previous loans taken by the Recipient, unpaid taxes and fees. More than it, a huge part of the review is automated because of a unique risk prevention system. This automated system is completely protected from the human errors that might arise.

What are the Conditions for the Recipient of the loan?

Loans can be issued for a period of one week to 30 days with the amount of 50 to 1000 euros.

What happens if the Recipient does not pay?

If the Recipient will not make an expected payment in accordance with the schedule, the Creditor will contact the Recipient for the reminder about loan obligations and provide payment options. If it is a non-payment extraordinary case, the Customer Service team initiates loan repayment procedures.

However, Nibble, guarantee investment buyback and interest payment of percent on the 61st day of delay.

How to identify my Nibble account for withdrawing?

Nibble asks each Investor to go through a special process of personal identification, as required by AML in the European Union. If a client wants to withdraw money from an account on Nibble, there are several required steps. Make a color photo of a document that confirms your identity (a photo from a smartphone is suitable). This easy process allows you to identify the user account. In order to activate the user account, you need to follow the steps that the Investor has not done on Nibble yet.

What documents can identify my account?

Nibble accept a valid passport, also you can use a driver’s license as an identity card. In this case, you need to photo both sides of the driver’s license. Please, provide a high-quality photo of the document.

The document should not be damaged, it should be a full photo including the edges. Closure or cut out of any information from the identity document is not allowed. Watermarks and non-critical changes in the Identity documents are acceptable. You must have a residence permit in one of the countries of the European Union.

Why deposit and withdraw funds can be made through the bank account only?

We made this to provide the safety of your funds.

How long do the payments take?

Nibble automatically processes payments from our customers in case if payment is made using IBAN. Some payments can be verified manually if they flow from an unknown IBAN

How to withdraw from my Nibble account?

You can withdraw from your Nibble account all funds not invested in loans and transfer them to your bank account at any time. Please, do not forget to verify your account.

How can I change the transfer bank account?

For safety purpose, Nibble may transfer income to the Investor account only. This allows protecting the investment from illegal money laundering. Bank accounts that used to transfer incomes to Nibble will be available for withdrawal.

How long will it take to withdraw funds to my bank account?

A delay of 1 to 3 business days is possible for the Euro area depending on your bank account policy. Outside the Eurozone, this process may take a bit longer and depends on the Investor's bank.

What if Nibble closes the business?

Nibble is a part of strength financial holding. However, we created the following insurance system. In case of a Nibble default point, an Investor will receive all the necessary information about the transactions and Nibble Asset manager will contact an Investor with the next steps of transferring credit management to the concerned person.

How Nibble is regulated?

The activities of OÜ Nibble itself are subject to the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

How can I verify the legitimacy of the Nibble activities?

OÜ Nibble itself is included in the court register of the Republic of Estonia. You can contact the Republic of Estonia for the information of an appropriate order of the company's activities.

Are there any security guarantees on Nibble?

Investments are always connected with risk, but Nibble provides loans with a guarantee of the buyback of assets and interest received. At the same time, we provide an opportunity to buyback obligations from an Investor if there are payments overdue for more than 60 days.

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