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  • What is Nibble?

    Nibble is a financial platform that helps investors and lenders, who provide alternative loans, to cooperate. Nibble is owned by IT Smart Finance, which has been creating and developing FinTech products since 2014. The priority areas of the holding's work are the usage and analysis of big data.

    Nibble guarantees investment security, as loans are issued by companies within IT Smart Finance holding.

    The average revenue of Nibble reaches 12% per annum, which is higher than the average revenue on the alternative lending market.

  • Where will my money go?

    The attracted investments are deposited into loans of companies within IT Smart Finance holding. The Joymoney brand has been working in the field of alternative lending since 2014. The company operates in Spain and Russia. The start of work in Mexico is planned for 2020. Joymoney's mission is to help clients quickly and safely overcome financial difficulties. For this purpose, the company uses its own proprietary software solutions in the field of large data analysis, scoring and risk management.

  • Who can become an investor on Nibble?

    To become a Nibble investor it is enough to reach the age of majority, have a residence in one of the European Union countries and open an account in a European bank. Nibble operates in 30 European countries such as: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

  • Can companies be investors in Nibble?

    Yes, of course. Choose «Company» account type when you register. Keep in mind that companies provide additional documents or information to register.

  • How secure is investing in Nibble?

    Risk in an investment relates to financial losses. In our case, loans are issued to clients under strict rules, that consider the solvency of the client and the risk of defaults. In addition, loans offered for investment are protected by a buy-back guarantee.

  • What is the Buyback Guarantee?

    A Buyback Guarantee is a lender's obligation to buy back a loan from an investor if it has not been repaid within 60 days from the day of investment. In this case, along with the original cost of the loan, the lender will also pay the interest due to the investor.

  • What taxes are charged on profits made with Nibble?

    Income earned from Nibble is taxed in accordance with the tax laws of the investor's country.

  • How does the Nibble referral program work?

    Get a referral link or promotional code in your personal cabinet and recommend our service to friends or family. At the beginning of each month we will return 2% of each investment, not exceeding 1000 Euros, to anyone who has registered using your referral link.

  • How can I create an account?

    To create a Nibble account, fill in the registration form.

  • I forgot my password; how do I recover my account?

    Use the «Recover Password» link. Follow the instructions: reset the old password and then come up with a new one and establish it.

  • What should I do if my personal information has changed?

    Contact our support team and they will help you to make changes. For security reasons, our support team will ask a few questions about your personal information.

  • Can I create several accounts on Nibble?

    No. An individual can only use one investor account.

  • How can I confirm my identity?

    We ask each investor to go through the process of identification, as required by AML in the European Union. In order to prove your identity, it is necessary: 1. take a colored photo of the document proving your identity (a photo from your smartphone will work), 2. make a selfie, 3. upload these photos on the identification page, 4. wait for verification results.

    Please upload readable and detailed document pictures. Do not cover or otherwise distort the information in your document. If you are providing an ID card or driver's license for identification, make sure you have photographed and uploaded both sides of the document.

  • How do I make a deposit to my Nibble account?

    Nibble accepts deposits from bank accounts through Paysera.

  • How long will it take for my deposit to reach Nibble?

    Depositing to Nibble account will take 1-3 business days. The service will send you a notification after the money is deposited to your personal account balance.

  • What are the restrictions on the minimum top up amount?

    The minimum top-up amount is 10€.

  • What are the restrictions on the maximum top up amount?

    The limit for payments from a user on the Nibble platform is 10.000 € per month. If you want to invest more money, we will ask you for more information.

  • Can I top up my Nibble account using someone else's bank account?

    No. You can only make a deposit to your Nibble account from a bank account in your name.

  • Can I top up my balance using a transfer from a non-European bank?

    Not yet. Now Nibble only accepts payments from European Union bank accounts.

  • What happens if I send money in a currency that is different from that on my bank account?

    In this case, money will be automatically converted at the exchange rate set in the specific bank or returned to the sender's account. Please keep in mind that there may be small losses due to the cross-exchange rate.

  • How can I start investing on Nibble?

    To invest on Nibble, please register, confirm your identity, then deposit money into your Nibble account — the minimum investment amount is 10 Euro. After depositing, create an investment portfolio by setting necessary parameters and become our investor!

  • How long does it take to manage an investment?

    Investing in Nibble will not take you much time or attention. Nibble has automatic investment — you choose the amount of investment and timing and Nibble will invest in loans from credit institutions in Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific. If you choose Revenue Reinvestment mode, Nibble will continually reinvest your earnings so you can get even more profit.

  • How do I earn on my investment?

    Interest is charged daily for long-term portfolios and after you close loans for trial portfolios. Interest on portfolios without reinvesting income is deposited in your account every 7 days.

  • Can I cancel my investment?

    Once an investor has created an investment portfolio, he cannot cancel it.

  • What loans can I invest in on Nibble?

    On Nibble you can invest in the loans of companies that are part of IT Smart Finance holding.

  • Under what conditions are loans issued?

    Loans are issued for a period of 5 to 30 days in the amount of 50 to 500 euros.

  • How is the borrower checked before issuing a loan and how is the risk assessment done?

    Borrower and related risks are assessed by 10 parameters. For example, we analyze the borrower's activity in social networks, information about past loans and the payment of taxes and fines. Most of the points of this check are done in automatic mode, which excludes human factor and the possibility of errors.

  • What happens if the borrower does not pay?

    If the borrower doesn't pay an obligation, the lender reminds the borrower of its financial debt and offers alternative payment options. In few cases, customer service staff will initiate a return process. For outstanding loans, Nibble guarantees repayment of the investment and interest on the 61st day from the date of the investment.

  • Can an investor know the identity of a borrower?

    The following borrower information is available to the investor: the term of the loan, the amount and the country in which the loan was taken. The investor cannot get any other information about the borrower.

  • How do I withdraw funds from my Nibble account?

    You can withdraw funds that have not been invested in loans from your Nibble account using an electronic or bank account.

  • How long will it take to withdraw money from Nibble to my bank account?

    A money transfer to an investor's bank account in the Eurozone will take between one and three business days. Outside the Eurozone this process will take a little longer. This depends directly on the bank chosen by the investor.

  • Is it possible to change the bank details of the account to which I withdraw my earned money?

    Nibble only transfers money to the account owned by the investor. This is a necessary measure to protect our investors and to prevent illegal money laundering. You can change your account number only by contacting our support team. In this case our AML-inspector may ask you to provide additional documents.

  • What are the risks for an investor using Nibble?

    Any investment, both outside and on Nibble, is a risk. It is the investor's responsibility to properly assess the risks and consequences of wrong decisions. It is possible that a borrower can only repay a loan after a certain amount of time. In this case, the investor will receive his money later than planned. Or the borrower may close the loan earlier than it is specified in the contract. In this case, the interest on the loan will be lower, and therefore the investor's income will also decrease.

  • What are the security guarantees on Nibble?

    Realizing that investments are often risky, Nibble offers investments with a guarantee of buyback of the assets and interest. Nibble will buy back the obligations of the investor if there is a delay in repaying the loan.

  • How do you verify the legitimacy of the activities that Nibble conducts?

    OÜ Nibble ITSF is an organisation that is included in the Estonian Court Register. To obtain information about the company, please contact this register with a request to provide a relevant extract on the activities of Nibble.

  • Are the activities of Nibble regulated by legislation?

    The activities of OÜ Nibble ITSF are regulated and obey the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

  • What happens if Nibble suspend its activities?

    Nibble service is a part of the stable financial holding. However, we have introduced the following insurance system: in case of bankruptcy of Nibble, the investor will receive all necessary information about the transactions and managing director will determine the necessary steps to transfer the management of the loans to the respective person.