About the Company — Nibble Finance

About the Company

Nibble is not a market place, it is a financial platform that provides to individual investors and companies opportunities to gain passive income by investing into loans and overdue debts market. Nibble acts as a link between investors and lenders and offers a flexible investment concept that suits even beginning investors.

  • joymoney

The loan issuers offering investments on the platform work under the brand name of Joymoney.

Joymoney brand has been working in an alternative lending field since 2014. Currently Joymoney is registered and operates in Spain and is actively looking to expand to new markets. Joymoney mission is to help clients quickly and safely solve financial difficulties. To do this, the company uses its software solutions for big-data analysis, scoring and risk management systems.

  • joymoney

Any financial company specializing in lending inevitably faces loans that are not repaid within the terms specified in the contract. Many companies sell such loans in large portfolios at auctions with 85% discount, in order to quickly return a part of the money to the business.

Boostr buys such portfolios at auctions.

Thanks to the deep experience and technologies developed by Boostr, it is possible to achieve a high percentage of capital return. In Eurasia the company has more than 5 years of experience and more than 80 employees.

In Europe Boostr works in partnership with collection agencies, who specialize on the debt recovery of European loans.

How we make money for investors:

  1. Boostr buys overdue loans from banks and MFOs at auctions, with a discount of 85%.
  2. The pre-trial process begins, when the agency contacts the borrower and tries to agree on the return of the debt.
  3. If it was not possible find a solution, then the process of court proceedings begins to obtain a court decision on the debt collection from the debtor, which is managed by Boostr or its partner.
  4. After receiving a judicial order, debt, interest, and fines are collected through the bailiff services and banks.

Nibble financial platform operates on the model peer-to-portfolio. Nibble is meant both for beginning investors and for professionals. We have automated the investment process: the investor chooses the strategy, the amount, and the term of the investment. The platform itself selects the loans into the investment portfolio and manages the reinvestment.

Nibble offers a flexible operating model under three investment strategies, with annual profitability ranging from 8% to 14,5%

Our values

  • Transparency

    Investors and partners are our companions in reaching success. We keep up transparent relations with all market participants

  • Professionalism

    Our team consists of professionals having long-term experience in financial technology services, so we clearly know what our clients need

  • Innovation

    We are constantly searching for technological innovations

Our Team

  • Maxim Pashchenko



    Maxim is an international businessman with experience in the field of innovative technologies and is supportive of fresh, up-and-coming business trends. He has over 15-years’ experience in business management, having founded his first company in 2007. In a short time, Maxim has become one of the most well-known and successful entrepreneurs in his region. In 2013, he assembled a team of talented IT developers to create a unique FinTech platform for online consumer lending services. This platform is now the cornerstone of several fast-growing FinTech companies. Possessing such qualities as leadership, business mindset, the ability to find new opportunities and seeing the risks, Maxim determines the long-term development strategy of the group of companies and plans new business development directions.

  • Ivan Sharafiev


    Chief Executive Officer

    Ivan graduated from ESERP Business School (Madrid, Spain) with a bachelor's degree in Economics. He also has a Master's degree in International Relations and Foreign Trade at the ESERP Business School in Barcelona. In 2015, he held the position of Assistant Deputy Director of the property department of a large gas company. Ivan has extensive experience in the field of financial technologies and the advancement of startups in the European Union to the level of companies with revenues of more than 12 million euro per year. In the company, he is engaged in the development of new business lines, the launch of projects, communication with investors.

  • Lyuldmila Borodina


    Chief Operational Officer

    Lyudmila has an education in the field of Finance and Credit. Before joining the IT Smart Finance team, she had been working for a large international holding company Lime Credit Group, where she held the position of Executive Director. She is responsible for the organization and control of business processes of the entire group of companies, optimization of processes and services, monitoring compliance with mandatory regulatory standards. Lyudmila always achieves her goals and objectives thanks to her perseverance and solid knowledge

  • Vladimir Shepelev


    Information Techology Director

    A qualified mathematical engineer, Vladimir is a distinguished professional in the field of programming and the creation of scalable IT systems. For 16 years, Vladimir had been leading the development team of MTS, the largest mobile operator in the CIS region. He is the author of several unique IT solutions and technologies. He also helps to implement the latest developments in the company. Continuous improvement of the level of his knowledge allows him to perform projects of any complexity and find the most effective solutions.

  • Alex Paiella


    Innovation Manager

    Alex gained his experience working for many years in prestigious consulting firms (Innovation Manager at Ateknea Solutions) in 4 countries on 2 continents, as well as in public institutions of the European level. He knows how to help an aspiring startup overcome technological barriers and eliminate gaps in innovation for business development and entry into new markets. Alex raised more than 10 million euro for various digital projects from EIB. He is part of our team in Barcelona (Spain).

  • Yuri Dergunov


    Chief Legal Officer

    A professional with 15 years of experience in both classical financial institutions (Societe Generale Group) and modern FinTech (Lime Credit Group). He has a degree in Law, Crisis Management, Economics and Management. Yuri is a specialist in corporate governance, licensing, AML, GR and compliance assurance. He provides reliable business support in relations with regulatory authorities and is focused on a team approach and compliance with high standards of efficiency.

  • Tatiana Muminova


    Financial Officer

    Tatiana has more than 13 years of banking experience in the field of foreign trade financing of large corporate clients, more precisely in the UniCredit financial holding and OTP Group. During her career, she was engaged in the development and support of structured financing schemes between banks from the countries of transactions, the EBRD, IFC, export agencies such as Sace, Exim, Exiar. Tatiana is experienced in organizing financing management from scratch to the point of reaching the planned targets in 6 months. In the company, she carries out financial planning, preparation of financial statements and financial risk management. Tatiana lives and works in Barcelona (Spain).

  • Irina Bychkova


    Digital Marketing Manager

    Irina has over 10 years of broad experience in high-tech global companies across European, African, and Asian markets. In 2014 working in leading freeware Browser & Search Engine, Chrome Plus in Vietnam, she built deep and solid technological knowledge combined with digital marketing strategies and sales techniques. These key assets make Irina a high-qualified digital marketing professional who is able to work in the most complex industries. In her client list, such top companies as CitiBank, Samsung, P&G, OPPO, Lenovo, Colgate-Palmolive, Lazada Group. Currently Irina lives and works in Barcelona (Spain).