Withdrawing Funds from an Account — Nibble Finance

Withdrawing Funds from an Account

Withdrawal of free assets and funds received after the investment portfolio expiration is processed to the investor's bank account through the Nibble personal account.

€50The minimum withdrawal amount
5 daysA money transfer to an investor's bank account in the Eurozone takes up to 5 business days.Outside the Eurozone, this process might take a bit longer and depends on the investor's bank.

  • Nibble only transfers money to the account owned by the investor. This is a necessary measure that protects our investors and prevents illegal money laundering.
  • You can change your account number by contacting our support team. In this case, our AML inspector will ask you to provide additional documents.

Early termination of the investment agreement and withdrawal of funds

You can terminate the investment agreement prior to its expiry date and withdraw funds from the Nibble platform. To do this, you need to apply for early termination of the agreement through your Nibble account. After receiving your request, we will start looking for an investor for your portfolio. The portfolio can be resold only as a whole. If we do not find an investor within 60 calendar days after receiving your request, then on the following day (Day 61) we will pay you out the amount of the invested funds and the related interest from the company's reserve fund, withholding a commission fee of 3% of the total amount to be paid.