Buyback Policy — Nibble Finance

Buyback Policy

To ensure the return of funds under the Classic strategy, the lender provides a buyback guarantee — it is the lender's obligation to buy back the loan from the investor if the loan has not been repaid within 60 days of the date of investment.

In this case, the lender will pay the interest due to the investor, together with the initial cost of the loan. To ensure these obligations funds are formed in the company's reserve fund.

How does the Buyback Policy Work:


The holding companies allocate their loans on the Nibble platform to find investors

The relationship between the companies of the IT Smart Finance group and the borrower is governed by a short-term consumer loan agreement with the following rights of claim against the borrower

Choosing the Classic strategy our investors invest in loans issued by the IT Smart Finance group of companies

Based on the Assignment Agreement concluded with the investor, Nibble assumes the following obligations:

to accept payments from the final borrower to the IT Smart Finance group of companies under the short-term consumer loan agreement to pay them to the investor in the order and amount established by the Assignment Agreement

If the borrower does not repay the loan on time or extends the loan repayment period, the IT Smart Finance group of companies will buy back the investor's right to claim in the amount of the investment and the guaranteed interest income on the loan