How does Nibble work?

Nibble is a financial platform and a part of IT Smart Finance holding group. The platform allows individuals and legal entities to invest in loans issued by companies which form part of the group holding, which has extensive experience in the loan market.

How do the companies issue the loans?

Every client who receives a loan passes a multi-level verification system and receives a scoring assessment on the solvency related to their credit history. From the total amount of applications, the level of acceptance for primary clients is 10%, which allows the company to control risks and ensure repayment.

Investment Security

If the loan repayment is delayed, the company that issued the loan guarantees to buy it back on the 61st day (Brands: Joymoney RU, Joymoney MX, Joymoney ES).

Nibble is responsible for the security of transactions, the safety of money in the investor`s personal account, and provides protection of personal data.

Income generation

During its active time, the loan will accrue the percentage of the yield as agreed. By the end of the term, the client has the option to choose from any of our reinvestment alternatives and thereby increase the income. By doing so, the money will be reinvested automatically in new loans. Every individual and legal entity in Europe, including the countries of the EU (Switzerland and Britain), can become an investor.

To become an investor in our P2P platform is fast and simple. The minimum sum of the investment is €10.