How Does Nibble Work — Nibble Finance

How Does Nibble Work

Nibble is a financial platform of the IT Smart Finance holding. It provides an access to the investment in loans issued by ITSF holding to individual investors and companies.

Three Steps For Investment

The process of investing in loans issued by ITSF holding companies is fully automated.

Sign up

Go through a simple registration and identity verification procedure


Choose a strategy

Explore our investment strategies and choose the appropriate risk-reward ratio. If necessary, our support team can help you with your choice

Create a portfolio

Specify the parameters for the chosen strategy: amount, term, and monthly replenishment. Your first investment portfolio is ready


Weekly income

We pay weekly income on your investments to your Nibble account. The amount of your investment will be automatically reinvested

Early withdrawal of funds

If you change your mind, you can withdraw money from the investment portfolio ahead of schedule. We will find a new investor for your portfolio for a small commission fee

Portfolio top up option

You can top up your investment portfolio monthly with any amount up to €10,000. We do not charge any commission fee for financial transactions

How Do the Holding Companies Issue Loans?

Clients who receive a loan from ITSF holding companies complete a multi-level verification and receive a credit score for solvency, considering the analysis of their credit history. Only 10% of loan applications from primary clients are approved, this is how the loan companies control their risks and ensure a 92% return.